Miami Harness
Miami Harness

Miami Harness


 Pattern Collection

Handmade with quality nylon webbing our patterns are printed into the nylon, making our harnesses as resistant as colorful. They have the H Format 

Security is of high importance for us and our harnesses are always made with a welded stainless steel D ring with 4mm thickness.


H format and available in 3 sizes: 

Neck Measures | Pescoço 

S 24-38  cm  Cavalier, Spitz, Dachshund
M 31-50 cm Beagle, French Bulldog, Cocker Spaniel
40-67 cm Labrador, Boxer, Border Collie

Girth Measures | Cintura  

S 32-53  cm  Cavalier, Spitz, Dachshund
M 42-69 cm Beagle, French Bulldog, Cocker Spaniel
62-107 cm Labrador, Boxer, Border Collie